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  • Free allowance is two items of personal luggage per passenger where each item does not exceed 75cm in length or 20kgs in weight.
  • Items in excess of this are referred to as Excess Luggage.
  • Pushbikes, surfboards, golf clubs and buggies are also classed as Excess Luggage regardless of any other luggage carried or not. 
  • Excess Luggage is subject to space availability and may be required to be carried on another service.
  • Excess Luggage will be charged at Premier Stateliner's standard Excess Luggage Rates.

Excess Luggage Rates

Desciption of Luggage     Amount
Per Item to a maximum of 4 items        $6.00
Pushbikes - assembled      $25.00 
Pushbikes - disassembled      $15.00 
Surfboards      $15.00 
Golf Clubs and Bags        $7.00 
Golf Buggies        $7.00 
Tool Boxes (up to 20kg)        $7.00 
Swags (as additional luggage)        $6.00 

Note: Any items not listed above will be carried at Premier Stateliner's standard Freight Rates.